Good reads

  1. Love is like Cocaine. It’s exactly how it sounds. The love experience messes up chemicals in your brain, similar to drugs. It’s not your fault. Physical attraction to someone is out of your control. It’s just like being high on drugs. It’ll fade. Taking it too seriously is silly and will only get yourself hurt. Being mindful helps.
  2. The opposite of Addiction is Connection. Often times people get addicted to substances (or sometimes, food or lack thereof, and exercise), to fill a void in their heart. And that void can be filled by building social circles.
  3. Susan B. Anthony. “If women will not accept marriage with subjugation, nor men proffer it without, there is, there can be, no alternative. The woman who will not be ruled must live without marriage.”
  4. How your remembrance is not the same as your experience. You only remember your experiences by the climax and the ending. The in between matters very little. So you might *remember* a week-long vacation that ends on a high note being more enjoyable than a two week long vacation that had a very pleasant mid-point, but end in a “meh”. Same with relationships with people.
  5. More is less. Having an abundance of choices can be a drain in life for many reasons. You start maximizing instead of settling for “good enough”, which takes a lot of energy and introduces anxiety. You lose sense of what you want when you try to analyze your options. And much more.

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